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Family Law Representation in Mansfield, OH

The Law Office of Anica Blazef-Horner offers family law representation for a variety of legal matters. We focus on divorce, child custody, child support, and stepparent adoption cases in Ohio.
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At the Law Office of Anica Blazef-Horner, we understand no one goes into marriage expecting to go through a divorce. When you're facing the end of your marriage, you need professional legal counsel from a family attorney who understands the sensitive nature of family separations.
Child Custody – Family Law in Mansfield, OH

Child Custody

You can count on the Law Office of Anica Blazef-Horner for professional guidance and representation during your child custody matters. We will help you resolve custody issues to to ensure the best outcome of your visitation schedule for your child or children.
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Child Support

Maintaining financial balance is not always possible after a separation, divorce, or job loss. Turn to the Law Office of Anica Blazef-Horner for all of your child support cases. Whether you are looking to receive child support or need assistance modifying your child support order, Attorney Anica Blazef-Horner is here for you.
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Stepparent Adoption

Adoption processes differs from state to state. The Law Office of Anica Blazef-Horner helps you navigate through the adoption process for stepparents in Ohio. We will walk you through every step of the adoption process.

Juvenile Cases

Attorney Anica Blazef-Horner handles juvenile cases with a mother's dedication and the legal knowledge to skillfully defend your child. Call our office today for more information about how to handle your juvenile case.